Martin Luther’s 95 Theses – Free eBook

For a free eBook of Martin Luther's 95 Theses from our friends at and  A good resource to help as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Click Here to download your copy in either pdf, mobi or ePub formats.


Free eBook – The Power of God Unto Salvation

"In a day when the Gospel is muddled in the preaching and thinking of so many, Warfield here gives mature instruction, wonderful insight, and, at times, breathtakingly beautiful exposition. These are pages to ponder and treasure." - Sinclair Ferguson Click here for Free eBook

Free eBook – Improvement of Affliction

Click here for Free eBook by James Buchanan - "I would affectionately recommend this book to every Christian mourner, who desires to drink deeply of the refreshing streams which the Fountain of all Comfort — the Word of God, supplies; for it is from this sacred source the pious and talented author of this excellent work … Continue reading Free eBook – Improvement of Affliction

From R.L. Dabney – Free eBook

If God is love, how can His Son have taken on our transgressions through penal substitution? The act of sacrificing one person for the sins of many has been related by some biblical scholars and students to pagan sacrificial practices and to the idea that God cannot both be love and be our penal substitution. … Continue reading From R.L. Dabney – Free eBook