Coram Deo – From Ligonier Ministries

Coram Deo: Knowing that God sovereignly determines even “random” events should give us pause. The unexpected flat tire that delays us on the way to work is not unexpected from God’s perspective. Who knows? Perhaps God ordained the flat tire so that we would miss getting into a wreck that we would not have missed … Continue reading Coram Deo – From Ligonier Ministries


Coram Deo –

Matthew 2:19–23 Understanding how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament means that we have to look at more than just isolated verses and proof-texts. As Matthew 2:23 indicates, the apostles teach that Jesus fulfills the broad themes, ideas, and stories found throughout the Old Testament. If we are to understand the vocation Jesus fulfills, we must … Continue reading Coram Deo –

Coram Deo – Three Gifts for the King

Matthew 2:11–12 If our Lord at times seems “crazy” or “foolish” to the world because of His life and message (Mark 3:20–21), we can expect the world to feel the same about us when we are true to Him. Unfortunately, too many Christians miss this point and adopt positions or techniques that they believe will … Continue reading Coram Deo – Three Gifts for the King