Martin Luther’s 95 Theses – Free eBook

For a free eBook of Martin Luther's 95 Theses from our friends at and  A good resource to help as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Click Here to download your copy in either pdf, mobi or ePub formats.


Free eBook – Improvement of Affliction

Click here for Free eBook by James Buchanan - "I would affectionately recommend this book to every Christian mourner, who desires to drink deeply of the refreshing streams which the Fountain of all Comfort — the Word of God, supplies; for it is from this sacred source the pious and talented author of this excellent work … Continue reading Free eBook – Improvement of Affliction

The Search for El Dorado

My son Landon has just finished and self-published his first book "The Search for El Dorado".  I would classify it as a teen adventure book.  I am just over halfway finished reading it and have been enjoying it.  It is available on here.  Check out the first few pages online there.  His description from the … Continue reading The Search for El Dorado