Hymns for Monday – I Know Whom I Have Believed

1 Since on my Saviour I believed, His beams around me shine; The Spirit's witness I received, I know that He is mine. Chorus: "I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able To keep what I have committed unto Him against that day." 2 I know His love, His faithful … Continue reading Hymns for Monday – I Know Whom I Have Believed


Free eBook – Improvement of Affliction

Click here for Free eBook by James Buchanan - "I would affectionately recommend this book to every Christian mourner, who desires to drink deeply of the refreshing streams which the Fountain of all Comfort — the Word of God, supplies; for it is from this sacred source the pious and talented author of this excellent work … Continue reading Free eBook – Improvement of Affliction

AW Pink on Death, Hell and the Holiness of God

"If nothing more than the fear of death or horror of Hell prompts the sinner to call upon the Lord, he might just as well call upon the trees. The Almighty is not at the beck and call of any rebel, who, when he is terrified, sues for mercy... The only calling upon His name … Continue reading AW Pink on Death, Hell and the Holiness of God

Coram Deo – From Ligonier Ministries

Coram Deo: Knowing that God sovereignly determines even “random” events should give us pause. The unexpected flat tire that delays us on the way to work is not unexpected from God’s perspective. Who knows? Perhaps God ordained the flat tire so that we would miss getting into a wreck that we would not have missed … Continue reading Coram Deo – From Ligonier Ministries

The Search for El Dorado

My son Landon has just finished and self-published his first book "The Search for El Dorado".  I would classify it as a teen adventure book.  I am just over halfway finished reading it and have been enjoying it.  It is available on amazon.com here.  Check out the first few pages online there.  His description from the … Continue reading The Search for El Dorado