“Oh, Aching Soul”

Nicol Films Image result for Nicol Films next video project will be taking a poem and bringing it to life. They will have someone who will be quoting the poem on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. There is a group of 5 college students living a hedonistic life on a road trip The poem will show how empty life is without Christ. The film will have a powerful message as it goes for the heart of all sin, which is idolatry (preferring other things to God… even good things), yet, the film will offer the hope in the Gospel—because of what Christ did by His death on the cross, people can find their joy in God. God alone satisfies our souls. Our souls were made to know and delight in who He is.

This project is to be filmed at the start of 2018, Lord willing and they are looking at raising the necessary funds through kickstarter (with a link on the web page below).  They need to raise $10,000 for the project and are currently just over $1750.

To contribute to this project and help make it a reality you can Click Here to Learn More and read the poem.




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