The Search for El Dorado

My son Landon has just finished and self-published his first book “The Search for El Dorado”.  I would classify it as a teen adventure book.  I am just over halfway finished reading it and have been enjoying it.  It is available on here.  Check out the first few pages online there.  His description from the back is below.


Slade and John, brothers who live in North Dakota, find an antique map that leads them on an adventure that men have dreamed of. After a little research, they find that the map leads to the legendary city of gold – El Dorado, by name; but a strange professor by the name of Dr. Nicholous Arahana is after the gold as well. Could the professor’s reason to find it be for riches, or could it be for a deeper purpose? After a little misunderstanding, two other men find out about the treasure and seem like they will stop at nothing to gain it for their personal tastes. Will Slade and John find the gold, or will their antagonists prove to be too cunning?


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